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   IDEAS IMPROV?  IDEAS WANTED?  What's this about?  Well, we had this idea to collect and then share ideas.  Just go out and ask people -- cold on the street -- for ideas.  Ideas about anything and everything.  And we'd make a movie. Part documentary part who knows what.  We'd write a column.  We’d start a podcast. We'd have this website.  
   Well, the movie's coming together; a newspaper column has already been launched, the Podcast is on Itunes.  Oh, and coming soon:
IDEA DAY (more on that later).  
    The website is kinda weak, we know, but we're starving artists not geeks. 

FROM The Ideas Wanted column:

y Kevin Boyle and Rick Horan

      So, we had this idea.  About ideas.  We grabbed a camera and did man-on-the-street interviews asking people for ideas.  Ideas about anything and everything.  We actually walked around with signs that said in big, bold letters: IDEAS WANTED.  

     Turns out, people love to share ideas.   We got ideas from the ingenious to the wacky; from the local to the global.   We took our signs all over New York, from Rockaway Beach to the Staten Island ferry; from Central Park to Times Square.  It was so much fun we did the same thing in Miami Beach and even in Sydney, Australia.  People everywhere just wanted to share ideas.  And now we’ll share them here.  Oh, and we’re going to keep going because one idea always leads to another.  Keep an eye out for us and our Ideas Wanted signs, you never know where we’ll turn up. 

   Here’s just a small sample of ideas we’ve gotten along the way:

  You know how restaurants are getting graded now for cleanliness? I think they should rate nail salons.  Some of them are very unsanitary.  I would like to know if they’ve been inspected.  That’s my idea.  Rate nail salons.  - Alana, New York.

  My ideas is, the visual arts should be... (continue reading at The Wave newspaper)    


We'll be happy to include your idea with our growing list. 

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